Lett’er soar



Dear Daughter, 

There you are at threshold of youth with unshakable convictions on life and universe. Princess of our home to be Queen of the world!  Here I am, a proud mother,  doing exactly what I didn’t set out to do, minder of home and hearth.

The modern feminist mantra says it’s all about choices,  if she can choose she has already broken an important barrier. 

Momentarily, I feel good and thankful that at least I belong to ‘women who choose’ . Then come the floods of doubt,  did I choose right or what was deemed correct. Was it the Indian woman psyche  or  just circumstances mixed with deep sense of responsibility towards parenthood, ironically setting a wrong example for children. 

Looking ahead, I do want you to understand that all I ever wish for you is to have a fulfilling and enriched life.  

True,  I didn’t provide you with a role model of working mom, but I shall endeavor to equip you with skills to acquire a profession you love.  I believe this passion and pride in your work will  be reason enough to not let it go so easily when life throws challenges at you,  in forms of clichéd homilies. 

You may have seen the household run by mother but you are completely alien to either the concept or conversations which go on lines of daughters are ‘big responsibility’. Hence,  I have  faith that your choices shall definitely be smarter. They will be without a chip on your shoulder or sense of misplaced obligations.  

You are being  raised along with a sibling of the opposite sex, yet without any qualms you have fought, shared and demanded equally, as you don’t know anything different. I pray that this trait remains in your core when you step into the world and demand your rightful place,  be it at work or home.  

The important pillar of your life, your Dad whom you adore and respect was also my choice. I hope you remember this when you decide to share your life and find someone special to rise in love. 

Finally, nobody is perfect and especially parents who learn on the job.  I wish you will learn from my mistakes and still think  independently and courageously,  to make some of your own. 

Always in awe of you ,my little wonder.