After a roller coster countdown to a move with  shifting locations akin to a game of roulette, we finally landed in glitzy Dubai International Airport, with outside temperatures soaring as high as our emotions. 

It was a complex mix of heartache and excitement between the four of us. The Teenager was feeling adventurous and in Out of Africa mode, the Tween still carrying South Africa on his sleeve or rather on the Protea T Shirt he had worn. While we,  the parents,  felt a sense of deja vu, returning to the city where we first made our home out of India.

The exhaustive weight of being a decade and half older and weary nomadic travelers fell heavier upon us than the shipping container, that boxed our possessions.

The mandatory mode of drafting a settling down list and the perseverance required to tick all the challenging boxes, kicked in mechanically. 

We will work towards the end of list, hopefully without needing therapy! Meanwhile, year’s end is here. All enveloping vast beauty of SA is behind us or seven and half hours flying time ahead, to be precise. The need of the hour is to feel ready. Ready to embrace change, city, people, weather and opportunities. 

Dubai, with its unique set of virtues and vice, like a belligerent child demands attention. A new chapter awaits to be written in the Oasis of middle east. 

That home is ephemeral, cannot be more clearer to me than in this city, whose expat population exceeds UAE nationals by leaps and bounds. So, as tumultuous 2016 draws to an end in the glittering desert land of plenty , in spite of being uprooted,  I remain grateful. 

All I wish from New Year is to be a harbinger of permanence in greenery that surrounds,  bird song that breaks slumber and strength, to overcome the days sans these.