The God Crier

RIP  Victims of terror around the globe.

The young children whose lives were snatched cruelly last eve in Nice didn’t even know what religion or believing meant! Their happy and innocent  childhood ended yesterday as it does everyday in all goddamm war torn lands around the globe. Where is Love,  is it not a word in religious text books?

Last year in an Indian village, an old Muslim man was lynched to death by an angry mob accusing him and his family of cow slaughter. Yesterday a suit was filed against the terrorized family by the accused murderous mob for the same act of cow slaughter. For the love of holy cow the poor man paid with his cruel death. Where is Mercy, is it not a word in religious text books?

The armed separatist movements around the world invariably exercise ethnic cleansing while demanding freedom! Free the mind first from prejudice and understand true meaning of freedom. Where is Compassion, is it not a word in religious text books?

It’s been said that world is getting smaller and more connected. Then stop with the silence already and start speaking for Humanity,  the real reason and rationale behind birth of all religions.

Once I visited a small town in SA called Hermanus. It’s a famous whale watching destination, many a time these marvelous mammals of deep see swim close to shores and people can view them while sipping their beers.

Now one would think it would be hard to miss seeing these big creatures swimming next to land but Hermanus authorities have made it sure that no one misses this spectacle and have employed a whale crier to this purpose.  A whale crier’s job is to blow a horn,  as a sign to all tourists on land that a whale is visible from ashore and they must leave everything and partake this sight.

Whale watching is an enjoyable and humbling experience. While I don’t mind the whale crier ever so often demanding attention, what I do mind and am terribly perturbed by are the self appointed God Criers.

These God criers now and again seek attention by blowing their guns, blowing people or themselves up. When will these gunmen understand that their calls are not drawing our attention to that elusive truth called God. God is not a whale. God is not what you perceive to show in your murderous depraved inhuman acts, you are not a God Crier.  Stop with the Sham.
Photo credit : Turkish Photographer Osman Sagarli.