Top shelves are Useless

Ever wondered over the reason behind logistically challenged top shelves? They invariably end up as storage units for so called non essentials in daily lives. Still these extras do warrant annual inventory check.

I begin with my wardrobe’s top shelf. It has neatly folded thick jackets and a Russian fur hat kept for the day I will visit one of the Poles.

The linen cupboard has extra blankets and fluffy towels lest all my family and friends descend all at once to stay.

Moving on to top most book shelves, I notice it embraces hardbound titles of unturned pages. Each page promising enlightenment with facts and figures and not the well thumbed fictional fantasies of lower shelves.

The place of much revelry and warmth, bar and kitchen have their fare share of top end displays too. The bar showcases vintages waiting their moment of glory whilst pinotage and sauvignon run their time on the counter below. 

Elsewhere the delicate China looks down daintily at Ikeaware shoved around on kitchen table, biding their time for a royal spread.

These unreachable lofty places, always need a ladder to bridge the gap. Once in clear vision, I marvel at my audacity to hope. So again I end up brushing and rearranging these things and climb down to bits of my daily humdrum.

As long as it’s up there I continue to imagine all the wonderful times future may hold. If it didn’t happen it wouldn’t be from any lack of preparedness!


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