The Parts of Unicoded Speech

Above the din of babbling bunch of teenaged girls, a voice pipped up and announced ” You know I listen to everything you say but do what I want.” In a blink came the answer ” I know and that’s cool bebe!”

Duh! Of course that’s cool. What was not cool was that she threw her cool act right at her friend’s face. Since when did snarky become acceptable way of conversation? Is being polite no longer the norm. There was a way with words followed with action conveying its essence.

In todays world of instant messaging and social media, where is the time to measure words and plead a hearing. The hundreds of  emoticons and emojis now have an unwieldy power to express human feelings. Its difficult to compete with a heart or a double heart express-wrapped in pink diamond swirl. Which word in the dictionary shall come up that quick, look weighty not flowery to convey a heartfelt thank you for a well timed tray of favorite cupcakes!

The human minds, responsible for these coded  array of characters, designed them to simplify virtual communication.  Now it invades real world too. The plethora of thumbs up, hearts ,smiley kisses, sad and angry faces goads its users to be quick with their actions or reactions. This speed of speech and not thought, no longer restricts itself to the virtual arena. A three worded brusque answers to friends and family is now an equivalent to an emoticon. It saves time and sounds cool. There is no time to agree to disagree when being disagreeable is perfectly acceptable. After all its just a manifestation of “feeling angry” emoji.

Soon there will be less to unravel about this mysterious organ of immense capabilities, the human brain. Curbing its esteemed cerebral services with short speech and even shorter listening ability, diminishing its faculties so to say.  The term brain drain  will augur a different connotation. Yes, and  it shall drain faster than the battery of latest handheld slayer of  speech.



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