A Life Less Ordinary

Creative souls have always ignited two simultaneous conflicting emotions in me , admiration and envy. With a stroke of brush, moulding clumps of clay, rendering a high note to heavens, stepping up to a rhythm or stringing pearly words , they free themselves from the mundane and soar towards the stars. Its engrained in their DNA.

Alas! my double helix when decoded shall read as Does Not Apply. Without going into the nitty- gritty of it all let’s say all I ever do is read books, listen to music , watch  movies and enjoy a hearty meal. Essentially, go about the day like a clockwork mouse,  minding my business.

All this changed when  I was jolted out of my comfortable reverie upon reading “stuff”  by online writers. It was hardly serious literature but totally legitimate. This “stuff” was bizarrely descriptive of the regular business I indulged in. It disturbed me or rather my stupor.

What pushed me to edge was a celebrity artiste’s write up on an ordinary day in her life. It uncannily echoed many such days of mine. My entire being revolted to this blatant plagiarism of the daily drama of my life. This shining creative star destined for immortality was supposed to cavort with other celestial beings of her kind and smile or wave benignly at me, a mere mortal. Yet, she craved for more. Guileless, she stole the meatier pages off my meager storybook.

Truth is , there is no escaping the Happy Song. Gone are the halcyon days of extraordinary, where the ordinary was  resigned to live and be lost in the black hole of ignominy. Today if I have nothing more than crazy everyday life itself to offer  , Pharrell Williams goads me to clap along  or as the online world will say, do it better, blog along.

So DNA or no DNA, I have grabbed this happy opportunity with both opposable thumbs. The innumerable times I read  a book or watched a movie, went for a drive or waded through seas of traffic, tossed a salad or ate a culinary delight , blabbed about babies or whined about the desk job, fawned over a selfie or  reminisced a holiday album online or otherwise, I lead a life less ordinary!

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