The Art of Sweeping

It’s the Clutter which bothers. It spreads to nooks and crevasses laying claim to the Space. On impatient stifling days it surfaces up but mostly it lies breathing in inner recesses. Easier to step around it and turn a blind eye. It’s akin to a Pandora’s Box, albeit an open one.

Wish there was a *’Kabadiwala’, who would offer to pick up the plethora of thoughts and feelings cluttering our lives. Would we hand them over cheaply in the quest for a light heady space or bargain an extra penny for what is ours?  Sad truth is we can’t trade this particular scrap. Its our to keep. So we live with it, at times on display, most times swept to our deepest corners.   The fear of unvoiced stops us.

We resist the fine of Art of piecing together these fragments, the truest depiction of our Life’s Scrapbook.


* Kabadiwala –  a Hindi word used for a scrap dealer ,mainly of household items.


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