Forty and Moving ! No,  not just my garrulous tongue ,  but my Life along with its Boxes!

When movement is incessant and relentless , the most important and wonderful possessions are boxes. As I have been moving for as long as I can remember, immersing every time into different waters and treading different lands, I am a proud owner of all kinds of boxes. I confess a fantastical treasure lies inside those.   The old and heavy ones are difficult to lug around, but open them and one is transported. If the first one emanates a whiff of a muggy afternoon laden with separation from a loved one, the next exudes familiar aroma of long forgotten cozy conversation.

The must haves , shiny new ones , are light and breezy, easy to wheel around. Unfastening them is like drowning in gushing smiles and gurgles of baby laughter. Whilst the old ones stay guard to how the journey began, its the new ones which promise a future of an unfettered and unencumbered locomotion.

Movement is an imminent sign of Life. Welcomed by all , life arrives kicking and screaming creating a sweet commotion. It keeps gaining momentum , a crawl, a run and before we even begin to marvel at it , life is a blur of motion.   Many a times life stays thus , in a happy state of inertia. It could be thrill of an adventure, curiosity or plain foolish bravado, which acts as an impetus. It sets us on an uncharted course. While swimming the tide of time, unafraid of being adrift in ocean of life, is when new shores are discovered and fine insights are revealed.




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