My life has been in constant state of movement.  The reservoir of memory is either smudgy with smoke emanating from coal engines chugging along the vast Indian hinterland  or as precise as the route chartered in clear blue skies , propelled by turbo machinery.

It shall not be in good order for me to record this fantastical journey as I was neither the navigator nor the pilot of this course.  As I hurtle forward not knowing any better except to enjoy the ringside view, I have decided to go on a different trip,  long overdue.

More of  a dreamer than explorer, a trip into the intriguing world of words and stories beckons me. This blog space is all about my constant state of commotion.  I don’t know where the journey shall take me , but at least I get to be in the driver’s seat.

Often I may take a break and time travel from  beautiful world of words to the fascinating world of my day job. A care giver to one husband, two kids and caretaker of  paraphernalia accompanying us, a  family of nomads.  I shall pause to pack a lunch , chauffeur mom’s taxi or do a mismatched  jig of a cricket mom (yes its a sport in my part of the world).  Hopefully it shall serve as an impetus  to this blog!


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